Tuesday, March 22, 2011

PURIM 5771

It is written: Vatilbash Esther malchut, "Esther put on her royal dress" (Megillat Esther 5:1).This is a concept of her crowning, for the royal garments of Malchut represent the light of Keter, as it is know "the end is wedged in the beginning" (Sefer Yetzira 1:7). So, Malchut, the lowest level (this world) is connected with Keter/crown, the most lofty level of kedusha ("holiness"). With this great light she crowns everything, for as it is written: “Esther elevates everything to emunoh/faith” (Tikkunei Zohar §21). To crown something is to raise that something to its most essential and significant level. This means, Esther represents the power to influence our emotions and drives towards kedusha, for that is the only true source of reality. Malka Esther is/corresponds to the Shechinah, the "Queen" that vitalizes all of the universe. Connecting to Purim is a deep connection to the Shechinah. May this chibur grow and vitalize your neshama towards da’at eliyon. These are the efforst every single Jew needs to make in order to hasten the comming of the only Mashiach Tzidkeinu, amem v’amem.

Rabbi Avraham

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