Sunday, September 25, 2011

Teshuva is a prophetic force

In continuation of the shiur on “5772 Prophetic Forces”, I want to emphasize the concept of prophecy in our times revealed in the kol demama daka (“silent voice”) as the force of activating teshuva, to wit, all righteous thoughts and feelings a person may have and act upon in order to "align" himself to G-d through Torah. It is important to understand that nevuah is underlined by devekut, and devekut spurs from the pre-condition of righteousness, as it is written: “The L-rd requite to every man his righteousness and his faithfulness” (Shmuel I 26:23). Hence, we can understand that uncompromising statement made by Eliyahu HaNavi: “Be it man or woman, Jew or Gentile... all can receive ruach hakodesh, all in accordance to the individual’s proper deeds” (Tana D’vei Eliyahu, Eliya Raba 9). Thus, any righteous counsel from the heart is the stronghold of a prophetic force, which gains strength with righteous action as it raises mayin nukvim (“female waters”) – the “arousal from below” – eliciting ever higher degrees of Divine inspiration, the responsive mayin durchin (“masculine waters”).  We can conclude that spirtual ascent means the transformation of self-reception consciousness into other-reception consciousness, where this so called "other", is G-d Himself. Once the person sucessfully grows in the inverting of his ratzon to receive into the ratzon to give, he grows as a channel of G-d. The channeling per se is nevuah in whatever level the person can remain in devekut. And this is done through the constant process of seeking righteousness in absolute every aspect of your being, or simply, doing teshuva.

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