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5773 Warning


החשבים להשכיח את-עמי שמי בחלומתם אשר יספרו איש לרעהו כאשר שכחו אבותם את-שמי בבעל

I have found that this pasuk (Yirmiyahu 23:27) has the same exact gematria as 5773!

It says: "Who think to make My people forget My Name by their dreams which they tell every man to his neighbor, as their fathers forgot My name for Ba'al".

Heaven is warning the Jewish Nation to return to simple and direct contact with YKVK. To abandon its divisive ways and do teshuvah. We all need achdut ("union") with kedusha ("holiness"). As if the general chilonin and the reform and conservative heretical growth wasn't sufficient to stain the Bnei Israel, we have Erev Rav (true presence, as the Ari"zal said it would happen and thus) "mentalities" ever more influencing the orthodox/chareidim community and "leaders". A plague of shitot (separatism in groups) brings anguish to Heaven and delays Mashiach. If Mashiach were to reveal himself now, there would be almost no one to greet him! Because for some, he must be Satmar, other want a Chabad Mashiach, others yet want a very Litvish "pshat-like" Mashiach. Yet, most Orthodox/Chareidim are not even doing real tikkun hamidot and as such, studying Sod to hasten his arrival (as explained in the holy Zohar and the sages, of blessed memory). The Ari”zal explains in the daf alef of Sha’ar HaMitzvot that if a yehudi does not study Sod, he will have to suffer gilgul to complete the missing parts of his studies, of their tikkun. There is so much written on this. The GR’A says that a yehudi that does not study Sod does not even understand the Pshat. I am not speaking to the philosophical Sod studies of Chabad etc., the so called Kabbalah Iyyunit etc. All of the sudden, an increasing number of Chabad rabbis think there are mekubalim (kabbalists). Anyone offers a Kabbalah "course". Alevai this was true! Mystical knowledge is not about reading from books and regurgitating its contents. It is so much more, from new Torah insights and living spiritual experiences, contacts with higher domains etc. I will not explain this here, however it must be said that everything I teach and write is focused on teaching holiness and righteousness and to get my students and readers back in touch with G-d, personally and directly. I have no time or room for nonsense. I am not interested is distracting my readers with "mystical mumbo-jumbo" (maybe it is good and interesting - even entertaining - for the aspiring and beginner ba'al teshuva who does not know any better), make-believe stories about Rabbis and other unrealistic, misguiding lessons. The problem is that mysticism creates these types of illusions of grandeur. Life is not about being fake. Life is not about fantasy. Life is not about make-believe. Life is about being real. Life is about harsh realities. Life is about hard work and strenuous effort: Lefum tza'arah agra ("according to the effort will be the reward"). This, more than anything else, sums up the the message of the entire genre of classical mystical literature. Moreover, the non-Jews are making a tremendous mess with their infantile fantasies of so called Kabbalah. The blind leading the blind, it is uncanny. Their arrogant tumah ("impurity") is mixed with half-truths forming totally incoherent systems with the authentic Torah-Kabbalah. They may call it whatever they wish, but it is never, ever anything remotely related to with the holy Kabbalah. Misguided fools, they know nothing at all and never will if they don’t work very hard on their "path of righteous gentiles" (the Sheva Mitzvot). It is all just a big ego trip, a self-delusional thing, with horrible effects on reality here on up on High. They are so incredibly arrogant and dense. In fact, most do not accept any correction from those who can correct them. It is insane, totally. This is caused by the Jews who disdain true Chochmat HaEmet (Kabbalah), by our sins (the Ari"zal spoke of that on the formation of cults). So many of our frum brothers are only focused on pshat and poskim, on ritual, and political rivalry that they are incapable of connecting Torah with reality. Some have asked me: “Is it just you who thinks there is a correlation between Torah and science or is there anybody else?”. There are other questions like this one I hear all the time. All they see is the body, not the soul of Torah, the true Sod. I am speaking of a path of purity and righteousness leading to the kabbalat hasagat ruach hakodesh ("to receive holy inspiration"). I am speaking of plain Rak Torah, not shitot. The Ba’al Shem Tov explained clearly (Sefer Ba’al Shem Tov, parashat Shemot, alef) that religious rite done by rote, if devoid of kavanah, bittul and devekut, all goes to the klipah. It is a tragedy how secular values have penetrated chareidim mindset, and the less observant are even much more contaminated it is hard to even begin speaking of this. So much gashmiyut is sickening. Also, there is such lack of derech eretz and of basic understanding of emotions, subtle and sensitive things. This is because there is no Sod/Feminine side being developed, which can only come through Sod-thinking. When close to many chareidim I feel I have step into a "parallel reality", in many cases, psychologically retarded. They just don’t understand subtle spiritual thinking, "lateral-thinking", "deep thinking", connections and connections and connections and them more connections to reality, most at least. Name it whatever you desire, words do not matter. Now, there are good and wonderful people of course. Some are so special and sweet, elevated. Still, there is so much religious talk today with so very little actually being said. It seems that everyone has something to say, each one louder than the next, each one trying to prove himself the intellectual superior over the other guy. Yet, with all the talk, nothing of true value gets said and even worse, nothing at all of any real significance ever gets done. Talk is cheap and cheap talk is ever cheaper. I am speaking of the supreme need for righteous actions only and the understanding of YKVK's message pouring down from shamayim all the time and directly into the heart of all who desire His closeness. You must learn to hear your heart and become a kli d'kedusha ("a holy recipient") to His words. Teshuvah brings this power, for it is His voice speaking. To hear His voice one must really develop his character traits and the intuitive/psychic strength (the right-brain activity part of the mind), fulfilling Torah and mitzvot with great joy, always. The academic, cold “learning” is not enough even with great Torah religious observance. One cannot be a talmid chacham without Sod, because Chochmat HaEmet is Sod. Such true chacham is a master of spiritual realities or at least a sincere student of it. All the religious babble has degenerated into being entertainment. "The chachamim are chachamim in name only (says the Ari"zal on Yeshayahu 29). We don't even need to Ari"zal telling us, just pay attention and feel things with your heart. Learn urgently to be intuitive, not merely rational, for that is Torat HaAtzilut, the Torah of Mashiach to be revealed soon, as it is written: "A new Torah will come forth from Me" (Yeshayahu 51:4). And it is written: "And I will give them one heart, and I will put a new spirit inside you; and I will take the stony heart from their flesh, and will give them a heart of flesh" (Yechezkiel 11:19). This can be a reality now, but you must crave intensely to rescue the Shechinah with all of your deeds. It is a time of pidyon shvuyim ("redemption of captives"). The holy Sefer HaBrit (Rabi Pinchas Eliyahu of Vilna a"h) brings this as the way to hastening the Geulah ("Redemption"). Now, back to the pshat "mindset". Learning Torah has become some perverted form of intellectual pride in one being able to memorize and appear smarter than another. This is not what religion is supposed to be about. We are not supposed to be impressing others with our words. My computer is smarter than any of these pshutim minds, for it has thousand of pages of Torah "memorized" and it can recall it in a flash. The prophet’s warning, which I found relating to the upcoming year of 5773 could not be more perfectly accurate and in total sync with the times. Everyone - Jew and Righteous Gentiles - must be completely careful not to exchange YKVK for a Ba’al, an idolatry: be it money, power, lust, gluttony, lashon hara, sinat chinambittul Torah, frivolous behaviors, ga'avah ("pride"), lesser tziniyut, lesser kashrut, secular thinking and focus, kullot upon kullot, or whatever idol you have become linked up to, chaz v’shalom. This is the wrong direction: "A person who observes the mitzvot with all their stringencies is confronted by tests all the time; it is a constant battle for him, and it is easy for him to practice stirring up his good inclination in order to overcome the bad one. Having so many opportunities to be tested every hour of the day, his ascendancy is assured and his improvement secured" (Chazon Ish, Emunah V'Bitachon, Torat HaMiddot, Tet). The time now is most urgent, because as the revelation of the true Mashiach does in fact approach, Heaven is guiding the world ever more rapidly and intensely towards the purging of evil as Zechariah 13:2 promises. There will be no place for “half” orthodox life-styles, half-truths, half-commitments to a halachic life. Mashiach will come to rule by the Mishpat, the Law. The time of “more or less” religious practices so shamelessly common, or the leaning on minhagim to avoid stricter levels of halacha or any and all form of rebellion against YKVK's laws, this will end soon, amen. So much more to say, but still, this is just a short message to speak about matters deeply set in my heart. Heed to the message and take advantage of teshuvah. Evolution is a real possibility. Reevaluate your current frumkait ("religious standards"). I know you are very "comfortable". However soon, you won't be able to and you won't be prepared. There is a powerful storm coming, as never seen it before. It will destroy all idols and all those linked to them. It is real time to prepare for what is coming, as only those who remember how to call YKVK's Name will be part of the "Remnant Community" (Micah HaNavi 5:6, Haftarah of Balak).

Rosh Chodesh Elul 5772
Rabbi Avraham Chachamovits

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